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The benefits of massage seem endless, offering relaxation, rejuvenation and even helps with circulation and flexibility. We offer all types of massage - Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point and Hot Stone or Hot Towel Massages. We also offer Prenatal Massages to our expectant mothers once they have reached their twelfth week or started into their second trimester of pregnancy. A massage is an excellent Spa treat, one that you will surely want to repeat. Extend the pleasure to family and friends, as a massage makes an excellent and thoughtful gift.

Half Hour Massage - $45

Forty-Five Minute Massage - $60

One Hour Massage - $75

Hour and a Half Massage - $100

Two Hour Massage - $130

Deep Tissue Massage - Uses patterns of strokes and deep finger pressure on parts of the body where muscles are tight or knotted, focusing on layers of muscle deep under the skin.

Trigger Point Massage (Also called pressure point massage) - the therapist uses a variety of strokes but applies deeper, more focused pressure on myofascial trigger points, "knots" that can form in muscles, are painful when pressed and cause symptoms elsewhere in the body as well.

Prenatal Massage (After first trimester) - Shares many of the goals of regular massage - to relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, improve circulation and mobility and just make you feel good. Nevertheless, it is tailored specifically to the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies.

Swedish Massage - The therapist uses long strokes, kneading and friction on the muscles and moves the joints to aid flexibility.

Hot Stone Massage - ($85) A traditional massage combined with hot stones enhances your ability to relax and receive the benefits of your service. The warm stones release muscle and joint tension, creating a deeper state of relaxation.

Add Bamboo Fusion - ($85) The bamboo fusion form of massage is similar to hot stone massage, in which the bamboo sticks act as an extension to long hand strokes. This combination of heat and pressure releases toxins from the body caused by stress. These techniques might produce mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being.

Neuromuscular Massage - Consists of alternating levels of concentrated pressure on the areas of a muscle spasm. Extreme deep tissue, to allow the blood to come to the surface to begin lengthening the muscle.

Foot Reflexology - ($60/45 Minutes) A therapeutic foot massage using meridian points in the feet to improve circulation, release stress, ease pain, and increase relaxation of the body.

Massage Upgrades:

Alpine Arnica Muscle Gel - $10

Wild Lime Scalp Treatment - $15

Peppermint Foot Therapy - 10

Back Exfoliation - $15