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Body Treatment

We care for our hair, our nails and our faces. Surely we should include overall body treatments as an important regimen in our system of maintaining our appearance. There are a wide range of benefits resulting from body treatments. Among these benefits are the reduction of dead skin and toxins which aids in an outward glow of health and an increase in circulation, vital to regeneration of skin with a more youthful feeling of firmness and smoothness. Relieving joint pain and providing often much needed relaxation elevate body treatments to much more than merely pampering ourselves. We offer many choices in body treatments that should be considered a pleasing necessity, not just a luxury.

Detoxifying Herbal Wrap - ($65) A natural and healthy way to condition, tone and tighten skin, heal skin problems, improve circulation and alleviate muscle and joint pain. Body wraps detoxify the body and help mobilize fat so it can be eliminated from the body naturally. The herbs and essential oils we use provide nutrients, vitamins and minerals to the body.

Slimming Tummy Wrap - ($65) The slimming tummy mask contains active slimming ingredients, such as guarana laminaria and iodine. It also contains tamanu oil, which is reputed to have wound healing properties and rosemary leaf oil, which has an antioxidant benefit for skin.

Body Luxe Hydrating Mask Wrap - ($65) A moisture-binding emollient for skin in need of deep hydration and protection. It intensifies hydration, enhances skin defenses, and moisturizes even the most damaged skin. Soft warming balm uniquely melts on contact leaving the skin so perfectly hydrated.

Wraps are not safe for people with the following: high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, eczema, claustrophobia, psoriasis.